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A.Hock MSR- und Electronic Service GmbH

Control valves & Accessories

From Honeywell over Flowserve to A. Hock MSR- and Electronic Service GmbH

HONEYWELL REGELSYSTEME GMBH was founded 1954 in Frankfurt a.M. as a subsidiary of HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC., USA. Two years later began the production of HONEYWELL products in Maintal, such as Valve Series 800. It was followed by the development and production of Series 600, 2003/2013, V5066, 9000, to the Serie 2000.

At the end of 1999, the HONEYWELL valve factory in Maintal was closed and the Valve Serie 2000, among others, were sold to the company FLOWSERVE. Until 2008 FLOWSERVE produced and marketed these valves under the name Valtek2000.

At the beginning of 2008 the company A. Hock, as an authorised distributor and service partner for HONEYWELL and FLOWSERVE for many years, took over the former HONEYWELL Serie 2000.

In addition to the servicing, manufacture and worldwide sales of the HONEYWELL Series 2000, 600, 800, 9000, 2003-13, V5066 etc., our product range currently includes the production of Series 2000 and 2003/2013, based on the original HONEYWELL drawings and design specifications.

We are given excellent support by the former production manager of HONEYWELL Regelsysteme GmbH, Ernst Dieter Maas, as well as Klaus Weber, head of design for products.

A. Hock MSR- und Electronic Service GmbH

Dr. Konrad-Wiegand-Straße 13
63939 Wörth am Main, Germany



Electronic service

Distribution and Service Process Instruments:

Honeywell Minitrend QX Electronic Data Recorder, Hoenywell UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller, Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Controller, Honeywell XYR6000 transmitter family

We repair Honeywell Obsolete Products all over europe. This includes spareparts that are no more distributed as new ones, however needed for existing facilities and contracts. We overhoul boards of the digital technology, which are produced in the SMD-technique. For this purpose we have set up our own systems and developed testing-programs! With these systems being improved permanently, we are able to repair and test TDC2000, TDC3000, MFC, APM and HPM Controller.